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Shopping Centres



Feasibility studies

Advice on architectural and leasing concepts

Shopping Centre Management

Leasing of new projects and re-leasing of Shopping Centres

Asset Management

About us

Shopping Centre Property Management

Gentalia provides consultancy, asset management, leasing, and day-to-day management services to Shopping Centres.

As experts on Shopping Centres Gentalia provides :

Feasibility studies, advice on architectural and trading concepts, centre management, leasing of new schemes and re-leasing of existing schemes, asset management

The Team

The Team

Gentalia is composed by a team of 104 skilled people in all areas related to Shopping Centres

Having an in-house team permits the application of a distinct management style to retain the loyalty of a good part of the tenant base. Furthermore the application of economies of scale helps to optimise the efficiency of shopping centre running costs.


working for the success of your project


innovative, respectful, determined

We value

the word team